4.2.2019 – Mini Cypress Workshop with Jesse Sanders


⏰Agenda ⏰:
5:00 – Doors
5:30 – Food and Networking 🍕🍺
6:00 – 📣 Announcements 📣
6:10 – ⚡️What to Do with Half-Baked Stuff?⚡️
6:40 – 🔥Mini Cypress Workshop 🔥
7:30 – 🎁Wrap-up 🎁

BRING YOUR LAPTOP! We will be coding! 😎
Lightning Talk:

What to Do with Half-Baked Stuff? by Regina Peyfuss

Many times we write features that are not complete which then live in separate branches. Wouldn’t it be great to have those features live in the master branch and turn them on/off through configurations? Regina’s talk is about how to bootstrap a configuration file on application start up and then using it to turn on/off features though a service.


Mini Cypress Workshop by Jesse Sanders

The state of application testing for Angular is broken. Angular applications are composed of UI components running in a browser, but our most effective testing strategy has been unit testing functions instead of UI interactions. The recommended strategy for testing the UI is Protractor, which is built on Selenium, a technology originating in 2004 when the web was all server-side rendering. This workshop will show you the flaws in your current testing strategies and how to most effectively test your applications using Cypress. Jesse Sanders will walk you through why your current test strategy fails and how to test your applications with less time and effort. He will guide you through installation, configuration, and best practices for writing tests using Cypress. This hands on workshop will guide you through multiple testings scenarios that will provide you with the necessary skills to handle even the most complex test cases.


Regina Peyfuss started her career as a bean counter, then taught computers and coding to 7 – 12 graders for 13 years, and is now doing what she loves most: solving problems with coding. She is a Software Engineer with Decentrix, a company specializing in AI for Media, where about 80% of her day is spent developing Angular apps. I her free time she enjoys more coding, and tasting beer from local micro-breweries with her husband and two children.

Jesse Sanders is the founder/CEO of BrieBug Software and an Angular Google Developer Expert (GDE). He regularly speaks around the world on Angular and related web technologies to inform and inspire developers on how to build the next generation of web applications. He regularly teaches workshops on Angular fundamentals, NgRx, and advanced Angular topics. He specializes in architecting systems using Angular for enterprise clients to help them achieve their goals. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his children, biking, skiing/snowboarding, hiking, and training for triathlons. You can follow him on twitter – @JesseS_BrieBug